A point & click visual novel about appreciating the little things in life.

~30 min gameplay

The web version may not run well on every machine! 

If you're on Chrome, turn on Hardware Acceleration. 
(settings > advanced > system > toggle "use hardware acceleration") 

Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Alternatively, try downloading the desktop version.

Controls: mouse only - move cursor to pan around room, left click to select objects

Content warnings: swearing, depression



Vivian Ha - story, art
Xinp Chan - programming, technical art
Kayden Chan - story
Jesse Toyota - sound & music
Jenny Luu - UI & art
Michael Arcadi - programming
Hei Mong - moral support


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OffDay - MacOS.app.zip 72 MB
OffDay - Windows v2.zip 63 MB

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beautiful game, i started crying during it because mel had been feeling some of the same things as me. my heart goes out to all the people that made it, thank you <3




Really beautiful. Well done to everyone that worked on it! 




I have been working from home since the first lockdown in my country and I really needed this game, to hear what Juniper said. The story was really heartfelt and made me emotional in the best way. Thank you for this beautiful game :)


this truly is one of the games that hit me in the feels super hard,, the ending is a little bittersweet, but sometimes we need a reminder our sweet moments are truly sweet <3


I LOVE IT !! <3


i cried..😭


i needed this. i loved this game so much <3





i love it, i cried at the end, thank you


A very adorable yet bittersweet game with calming art and music. I enjoyed the atmospheric vibes and the coziness of the game.


What a cute game with soft art and music. It kind of reflected what I am feeling right now. :(


this is wholesome


hatsune miku is there so i love this game


ive never been hit so hard by a game without a pet passing away very nice game <3


bao is best boy


I totally agree with you


I didnt come to cry 

Brilliant game overall, 1100/10 would recommend


This is so cute and so.. remembering me what I needed to remember.. The music relaxes me making me have good feelings.. Thank you so so much for making this game it helped me ALOT!

And the art is beautiful, Amazing, Well made..

I hope you will stay safe.

Good luck out there!

This game is really sweet and made me realize how many things there are that we take for granted in our lives. Thank you for making this. The art is gorgeous.


Oh. Oh wow. This hit hard. This is gorgeous, everything is so well done and i cant believe how much i related to the story.. wow. 


I love this game so much!! The art is beautiful.


(sorry, my review is gonna be unbelievably long)

Oh my god, this was just adorable. The art style is just *chef kiss* GORGEOUS! It was a really short and  pleasant experience.

But most importantly this game was really relatable and as far as I saw a lot of people agrees with me. Idk If I'm gonna be able to phrase this correctly but it made me think how everyone deals with these kind of problems (depression, burned out, anxiety or even just life) and how we're trying to move on and be a better version of ourselves , with or without the support of other people.

(I'm so sorry I wanted to share my life and opinions, If you're not interested just skip till the very last paragraph)

I had a really rough time before this summer, I just felt so lost and days started to blend in and everything turned into a not so healthy loop. At some point I completely shut myself in my house and had not motivation to go outside or try to get better. I just needed a friend or just someone to support me a little but I was too ashamed to ask for help or when I finally found the courage to open up, everyone would just tell me that they didn't know how to make me feel better or to get better without nobody's help. (because I had no close friends to rely to) And when summer finally came, I started working on myself, try to build some confidence and self-love. I can't say that I completely achieved my goal (you don't get better in one night) but I got a different prospective of my life and I wished someone would have told me this before: 

That everything is going to be alright and that everything IS gonna get better, it always does BUT in other to achieve that you need to willingly be able to change, to improve, to be as open minded as possible and to accept the fact that the world doesn't move around you and that you need to accept (positive) criticism and admit that you were wrong. That it's normal to have intrusive thoughts or to feel down and that it's alright to take a break from everything once in awhile but you also need to make choices that will improve your life and people around you. And everyone always says that "you need to love yourself", I know it's difficult to accept and love ourselves with all our flaws but we're gonna spend the rest of our life with ourselves, in this body, so screw the beauty standard, screw people's judgements of us, we only need to focus on us, be ourselves and embrace every single piece of us. We're all beautiful, inside and out and we need to feel comfortable being who we are, dress as we please despite our body shape or gender. Life is so short and we don't know what's gonna happen after, we need to fully live our days. We don't need to do anything big, we can just appreciate the little things, like that we were able to walk our dogs out, we were able to have a good meal, we were able to do something productive or focused on our hobbies,  we were able to wear that shirt we were always so insecure and afraid to wear. And slowly we're gonna achieve true happiness and everything will fall in place. Of course life isn't just flowers and rainbows but in order to have a rainbow we need a little bit of rain, right? And we also really need to realise that TONS OF PEOPLE are dealing with OUR SAME PROBLEMS. We're not alone and no matter our closest ones aren't supportive there's always gonna be someone out there happy to give us support. And most importantly, we need to just go outside without feeling like the entire worlds is watching our every single move. Everybody is pretty minding their own business so they're not care If you're hair are messy, you got bags under your eyes or you got a pimple on your forehead. Sure there might be someone who's gonna point it out but BESTIE who cares! Just ignore it and MOVE ON. Even If you're gonna randomly gonna sit on the ground, greet someone you don't know or literally start dancing in the streets, what's the worst that can happen? Someone is gonna look at you and judge you, some will literally not even acknowledged you, that's not the end of the world. Sure you might overthink about it when you get home but who saw you they will forget it after five minutes or talk about you to their dinner table but that's it. So please PLEASE don't waste your time and be your beautiful self. We all deserve love but try loving yourself first. Make every day worthy and have no regrets

I'm so sorry for this really long review but this game just made me realised how much I grew in just a few months and how our minds can control us to an extend that we lose ourselves so much, that we can't find happiness anywhere, we just feel so empty and a burned for everyone and ourselves too.  Please everyone stay strong and thank you creator for have created such an amazing and cozy game.

(Also I want to apologise for any grammar mistakes, my English isn't that great)


thank you for sharing ❤️


very cute game about being burntout from the stress of work and life in general. reminds me of myself during exams huhuhu..


i cried because its so good. everyone please try this beauty of a video game. PLEASE.




This game is so warm and wholesome and the art is so pretty and makes me treasure my friends more 

Thank you :)




This game was great! I loved the art and the story was so cute too!


this game was so sweet, I legit almost cried at the end :')

Love this game, it was super cute :)

(1 edit)

i figured out what to do cute game

so cute bro , such an amazing and aesthetic art style too !!

beautiful art with wholesome message! :)

It was really cute

this is so cute. this game shows we should appreciate ourselves more. we should always show self love no matter what:)

Thank you so much for this this made me cry so much but tears of hope and appreciation of life... <3


This game is beautiful. It shows how we can be nitpicky about things but somehow, someone or something helps us get out of our shrinking world. 

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