A point & click visual novel about appreciating the little things in life.

~30 min gameplay

The web version may not run well on every machine! 

If you're on Chrome, turn on Hardware Acceleration. 
(settings > advanced > system > toggle "use hardware acceleration") 

Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge

Alternatively, try downloading the desktop version.

Controls: mouse only - move cursor to pan around room, left click to select objects

Content warnings: swearing, depression



Vivian Ha - story, art
Xinp Chan - programming, technical art
Kayden Chan - story
Jesse Toyota - sound & music
Jenny Luu - UI & art
Michael Arcadi - programming
Hei Mong - moral support


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OffDay - MacOS.app.zip 72 MB
OffDay - Windows v2.zip 63 MB

Development log


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i love bao- Samoyed 

why does this make me cry so much? i love this game its so cute and im a little less sad.

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I really loved the message and the art :)

making me cry. great work you made me feel things lmao

oh wow i've never knew i could cry to this game. :(  its so cute

Lovely music, lovely art, and a lovely story! <3


AWWWWW! This is so sweet!! Thank you so much for making this, this just got me out of a bout of being negative toward myself.


oh this game is so sweet and i adore the art and the msuci this is so lovely!


i'm not sure if you read these comments, but i wanted to say that i've been coming back to this game every time i spiral back into my depression for the past couple of years. it's actually in my bookmarks bar lol

this game is like the feeling of a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands on a cold day

meaningful game

Loved the art and intro music!



Im just like Mel lol

(1 edit) (+1)

u could have at least warned me see now im crying too


my name is melody too!! i felt this on a personal level lolol




I rarely enjoy visual novels. This one is really nice though, well done people


what dog breed is bao, i want it


this is just a guess, but i'm guessing bao is a samoyed!


this is really amazing! i love how boa and Jupiter was cheering Melody up, although hearing Jupiter's words really brought tears in my eyes, it was so heart warming and the fact that she was there for melody was really appreciative <3

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I absolutely enjoyed this game so much and I was impressed by how excellent it was for such a short game. This game really explored the idea of appreciating the little things in life and how it is ok to have our moments where we can express our negative feelings and emotions. Also Bao was my favorite and I wish I could see more <3

its so cute!!

This game is so cute and it really made me happy! thanks for making this game!

what a beautiful game


loved this game!! so cute, the style is adorable and the message was really sweet. hit hard for me, im going through the same kind of thing, really cheered me up!

Powerful and relatable message! I really enjoyed the direction of the game in both art and dialogue, and although Juniper and Melody didn't have much characterization their relationship was still clear and an amazing feature. Congratulations on a great game!

I really needed a game like this lately! Really cute and inspiring.

Literally the most comforting & adorable game ever. A lot of things are so familiar, not to mention the dog (and its name)!!! So cute <33


really liked this game plz make more games!

This was so damn cute. Rn I'm going through some feelings and this game hit the spot

This is sooo wholesome and then it hits hard with the message. Although short, it's all packaged neatly. Love it!


This game is seriously so cute! I really liked the atmosphere and the message. It's a short game, but it hits hard in the feels, especially the phone call scene. Also I liked the Miku figurine on the bookshelf!! 

Really beautiful game, recommended it in my video! <3

this game is so cute. i really like ~


extremely heartwarming!!! it made me try to appreciate the things around me more as well :)


amazing game!


this is beautiful!! your art is gorgeous omg


This game really hit me in the feels. It reminded me how important it is to appreciate all that we have and the positive impacts we have on those around us, even if we don't realize it.

So sweet but also so relatable. It was rough, but being stuck at home really did highlight little things to appreciate! Loved it!

Love this game! The visuals and phrasing of the text are beautiful! 

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